Rimowa Salsa Polycarbonate 32” Electronic Tag Multiwheel Sports Trunk

Article number: 811.80.32.5 Matte Black
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A true pioneer in the modern premium segment. The first RIMOWA case to be made from the robust material polycarbonate and today still one of the most popular luggage ranges - Now with Rimowa's Electronic Tag. Travelers will be able to check-in their luggage from home using their smartphone and drop it off at the airport in seconds - without all the stress and time pressure.


  • TSA Combination lock
  • Multiwheel
  • 1 Flex-Divider system
  • 1 Net cover
  • Luggage label
  • Electronic Tag


  • Size: 31.5" x 14.8" x 16.9"
  • Weight: 13 lb
  • Volume: 102.5 L
  • Material: Polycarbonate
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