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Shop Osprey's selection of lightweight, functional Daypacks! Whether you're touring a new city, or just heading out on your regular commute, Osprey has a pack for you!

    • Osprey Osprey Daylite 6L Sling
    • Osprey Daylite 6L Sling

      Throw the Daylite Sling over your shoulder and go. Go where, you say? Anywhere. To the store, school or on a quick hike.

    • Osprey Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack
    • Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack

      Traveling can be difficult but the Daylite Plus makes it easier.

    • Osprey Osprey Nebula 34L Backpack
    • Osprey Nebula 34L Backpack

      Osprey’s Nebula is designed to accompany you everywhere you roam.

    • Osprey Osprey Arcane Large Top Zip Backpack
    • Osprey Arcane Large Top Zip Backpack

      Looking for something new to carry your daily essentials like a pack with timeless looks that's super comfortable and just as durable?

    • Osprey Osprey Cyber 22L Daypack
    • Osprey Cyber 22L Daypack

      The Cyber is a panel-style daypack that provides easy access to your laptop, tablet and everything you need to get through a busy day in town, at school, or at work.

      C$160.00 Sold out
    • Osprey Osprey Arcane Large Day Pack
    • Osprey Arcane Large Day Pack

      If you have a big day ahead of you - full of errands, urban meanderings, or worst of all, work - the Arcane Large Day Pack will carry everything you need with luxurious comfort.

      C$130.00 Sold out
    • Osprey Osprey Daylite Backpack
    • Osprey Daylite Backpack

      The Daylite Series started out with humble beginnings, a simple accessory to attach to our larger packs.

    • Osprey Osprey Quasar 28L Backpack
    • Osprey Quasar 28L Backpack

      Osprey’s Quasar can carry the essentials for a full day outdoors or all the textbooks for an upper level Astronomy class.

    • Osprey Osprey Escapist 32L Backpack
    • Osprey Escapist 32L Backpack

      Throw the Osprey Escapist 32 on your back, hop on your bike, and get away from it all.

      C$180.00 Sold out
    • Osprey Osprey Bitstream 30L Backpack
    • Osprey Bitstream 30L Backpack

      A large volume, bucket style daypack with modern aesthetics and purpose-built features for commuting to work, school and more.

    • Osprey Osprey Ace 50L Kids Backpack
    • Osprey Ace 50L Kids Backpack

      Fill the Osprey Ace 50 with 15-20% of your child’s bodyweight and take off for a weekend in your favorite camping spot.

      C$210.00 Sold out
    • Osprey Osprey Ace 38L Kids Backpack
    • Osprey Ace 38L Kids Backpack

      When it’s time to take your child on their first overnight backpacking trip, make sure they have Osprey’s Ace 38.

      C$190.00 Sold out
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