Lewis N Clark Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs

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Many of us experience built-up pressure and pain in our ears when our flights take off and land, or even when we’re driving through mountains and valleys. For those who love to travel, but don’t want the pain associated with flying and driving, it can become enough of a problem to call off a trip. Those who travel for work have no choice but to bear with the pain.

However, these pressure-reducing ear plugs can help ease the pressure you experience with altitude changes. Tested in accordance with EN 352-2: 1993, they reduce background noise up to 22dB, but do not filter out speech, so you can still listen to music, talk with others, watch movies, and hear announcements from flight staff.


  • Eases ear pressure during flights and altitude changes
  • Noise reduction rating of 22dB
  • Reduces background noise without filtering out speech
  • Reusable for at least five flights
  • Included storagae case
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years of age


  • Size: 1in x 0.5in
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