Lewis N Clark Adjustable Motion Relief Bands

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Whether you’re taking a long road trip, going on a cruise, or flying, the adjustable motion relief bands provide fast-acting relief against motion discomfort no matter where you go. These bands gently apply acupressure to the Nei-Kuan point, located on the underside of the wrist. (Instructions are included.) With Velcro straps that easily adjust from 5in to 7in, they are an alternative to pills and don’t have any of the unwanted side effects such as drowsiness. 


  • Helps to relieve motion-induced discomfort experienced in airplanes, cars, boats, etc.
  • Applies gentle acupressure to wrists
  • Soft cotton lining provides extra comfort
  • Drug-free - suitable for adults and children
  • No drowsiness or other side effects


  • Size: Easily adjusts from 5in to 7in
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