We have recently added the entire Wanderlust book stock to our website. As we carry over 10,000 titles, the more information you can give the search options on the side-the more success you will have in finding exactly what you are looking for!

Searching with an ISBN: This 13 digit number located underneath the bar code on the back cover of most books, will connect you to one specific title. 

Searching by AUTHOR: Exact spelling is required. For best results, write the surname follwed by the first name.

Searching by TITLE: If you only know one word in the title-that's okay! Spelling is still key.

Searching by KEYWORDS: Remember that giving as much detail in the search, you will have more specific results coming back to you. Typing ITALY will result in over 300 titles. If you type ITALY BIKE, you will get 3 titles.

You can alos search for titles with a combination of a TITLE and AUTHOR or KEYWORDS.

Good Luck-we hope you find what you are looking for!

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